Saturday, June 8, 2013 from 9p-2a on the third floor of the Bike Stop

Military, sport, motocross, skins, uniform, rubber, and leather, gear up! A dress-code enforced party because we love guys who gear up and get out (and we know you do, too).

Music by Dave Huge (

Dress Code:
Gear: All gear welcome! Rubbermen, Uniforms, Sports Kit, Military, Skins, puppies, and of course leather and fetish gear of all kinds
Minimum: Jeans & t-shirts or bare chest … i.e. no Cosby sweaters or polos.

Suggested Donation: $5

About Dave Huge:
Dave Huge is a New York City DJ who plays house, disco, techno, rock n roll, and other big sounds. He’s fantastic! Check out for more information and check out the links below: