On Monday, June 12th, we signed a contract with Holiday Inn Express Philadelphia-Midtown to be the new host hotel for Tri-Cen XX. We are allowing our current run pass holders a couple of days to re-book their hotel rooms (after having to cancel their reservations at Marriott last month), and we will re-open general registration at 8:30 AM this Friday (June 16th).

An email was sent to all of our current run pass holders with a link to instructions for accessing the new online reservation portal. If you are a current run pass holder and have not received this email, it is the same link that was provided in your original confirmation–we simply updated the landing page with the new host hotel’s information. If you do not have access to either of those emails, contact us at philadelphiansmc@philadelphiansmc.org and we will get you the link.

Once registration is back online, the same link will be provided in the confirmation email for all new run pass sales.

Our sincere thanks to everyone for your patience as we navigated this difficult situation. Once again, we are greatly looking forward to seeing everyone in December! Tri-Cen XX marches on!!